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Ranch Pipe Fencing is a Full Service Farm and Ranch Fencing Company Specializing in New Steel Pipe Fencing. We offer professional fence design for equestrian and livestock facilities including pasture and boundary fencing, corral fencing, horse safe “No Climb” fencing, livestock shelters, run-in sheds, working pens and horse arenas. In addition, we also offer professional installation of all types of livestock and equine fencing including:

Steel Pipe Fencing
Pipe fencing is an extremely durable and versatile fencing system that provides years of trouble free service. Ranch Hand specializes in all types of pipe fencing including pipe on pipe, pipe and cable, and pipe fencing with non-climb horse safe mesh fencing. New steel pipe fencing not only looks great it will add to the value of your property.

Ranch Rail
Ranch Rail is a perfect way to protect your horses and livestock. Ranch Rail Fencing keeps your prized animals safe with no sharp edges, protruding nails or potential splinters. Tough, durable and virtually maintenance free, ranch rail fencing is an outstanding choice for suburban ranch estates, equestrian facilities, and livestock applications. The rust, rot, and warp resistant material never needs painting and has the added benefit that horses are less likely to crib on the “tasteless” fence. A beautiful accent to any property, there is little wonder why it’s so popular with farmers, ranchers and the equine industry.

Perfect for equestrian enclosures and paddocks Ranch Rail fencing is available with 2, 3, or 4 rails and also in the stylish Cross Buck Rail cross-rail style fence pattern.

High quality studded T-Posts offer application flexibility in an economical fence solution. Properly installed, T-Posts will retain their stability in all types of soils. Available in varying heights with safety caps to protect horses and livestock, T-Post fencing is an excellent choice for ranch pastures, boundary fencing and cattle.

Barbed Wire Fences / Barbless Slick Wire Fence
Barbed Wire fencing is time proven fencing solution for Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Horses. Barbed wire cable is available with 2 or 4 barbs with various barb spacing to meet a variety of farm and ranch applications and fence budgets. Typical barbed wire fences have 3 to 5 stands of barbed wire and are ideal for long distance boundary fencing, cattle containment, and installations where potential harm (caused by the barbs) is not a concern. Also available is smooth barbless cable to protect valuable horses or livestock from injury. Horse owners commonly use barbless or slick wire fencing for equine enclosures.

Electric Wire Fence
A very economical temporary or permanent livestock fencing solution, electrified wire fencing is gaining in popularity among farmers and ranchers. Typically, electric wire fences are utilized for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, pigs and other livestock. Available in various wire gauges to match your specific application and galvanized for rust resistance, electric wire fencing can also provide added security to existing field fences. Electric fence chargers, grounding supplies and accessories are matched to your specific livestock or equine installation.

Horse Fencing / Non-Climb Fencing
For the serious Horseman, we offer complete horse fencing solutions custom tailored to your needs. Horse Safe Fences are specially designed with continuous vertical and horizontal wires for the safety of our sometimes overly inquisitive equine friends. The “Non-Climb” mesh is a vertical mesh fence pattern with no sharp ends to cut or injure that has been designed to prevent horses, cattle or other animals from stepping through or walking down the fence. The high strength, galvanized No-Climb horse fencing with horse safe third wire knots require virtually no maintenance.

V-Mesh Fence
V-Mesh Fence has tight wire spacing that helps prevent hoof and leg damage and is an excellent solution for smaller livestock and game animals. The tightly woven design also makes it extremely difficult for humans or livestock predators to climb which keeps unwanted intruders off your property.

Field Fencing
Field Fences are ideal for most any type of livestock. Field Fencing is suited for cattle, goats, horses, sheep, poultry, and other livestock and is available in varying heights and spacing for small or large animals.

Custom Farm and Ranch Gates
From functional to elaborate we offer farm and ranch gates from 4’ to 20’. If we do not have the exact size you need, we will custom make one for you. Custom built ranch and estate entry gates add that final touch of elegance to your property (and assist your city locked friends in finding your house). Heavy galvanized steel pipe swing or slide gates provide years of trouble free operation and security for residential, agricultural and commercial applications. Gate accessories include rugged, dependable electric gate openers, vehicle detectors, digital access keypads, wired or wireless proximity and card readers, and solar powered gate openers.


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